Shipping & Policy

Shipping  Policy  

- Processing orders can take anywhere from 2-7 days. This includes making the product (depending on what you ordered), packaging your order, and taking it to the post office.

- SimplyB is NOT responsible for the time in which the post office takes to ship your order. We have no control of the post offices shipping process. 

-All packages are mailed for standard shipping time, which can be anywhere from 1-7 days depending on where you live. 

-There is an option upon checkout where you may opt for expedited shipping. 

- All of SimplyB's products are handmade and crafted. Although, we have recipes, it is possible that our products may have slight color and consistency differences. However, the quality will always be the same. 

-SimplyB does not offer returns. If you are not pleased with your product please contact us and we will arrange a negotiation. If you receive the wrong product, please do not open the product and we will send you the correct one and arrange for the product to be sent back to us.