The Best Start Of The Year

If I had to sum up the month of January 2022 it would simply be, “One of the best months of my life.” Let me tell you how it began. 

At the end of the December of 2021 I was so stressed from exams and my extracurricular activities. Because of this, I started to neglect my responsibilities of SimplyB, unintentionally of course. As the New Year was approaching I made a video on my phone. The video was directed to myself basically just giving my “future self” advice on how to navigate through tough times. In the video, I also told myself that great things were coming and that 2022 was going to be “the best year of my life.” Now, even though it may sound a little dramatic and far fetched, I think it’s really important to speak good things into the atmosphere. When you believe those kinds of things and say it with intentions behind it, you are manifesting good things into your life. When I was telling myself these things in the video, I truly felt this way and still do.

A day or two passed and while I was out I got a text from my mom. She texted me and told me that Channel 6 News emailed her about featuring me on a news segment. I can’t even tell you how I felt at that exact moment, but I can tell you that it didn’t quite seem real. I was so ecstatic! They then interviewed me two days after being in contact with my mom and me. We filmed on Jan 1st, which was a Saturday, and they aired it that very same day! 

The minute it aired I started receiving orders! It was 1, then 5, then, 13, then 16, then 24, and so on. A part of me was a tiny bit stressed because I didn’t have products made for all of the orders I was receiving, along with the fact I had midterms coming up the same week. But more so I was super excited and just felt so overwhelmingly blessed. I did my very best to get out all of the orders I could at the time, along with my mom who so graciously helped me stay grounded and organized. 

I spent the rest of the two weeks, which is how long it took me to get out 100+ orders, staying up to 1-2 am in order to both get SimplyB and my school work done. In all honesty, even with those weeks being the most stressed I probably have ever experienced, it was also some of the most fun I’ve had. The best part had to be the overwhelming amount of love and support I received from people all over the east coast! I received so many DM’s, emails, comments, likes, shares, and follows. You all really don’t understand how much those kind of things motivate me. In over half of the orders people left me such wonderful notes and it was so enjoyable reading all of them! I even had several encounters with customers enjoying their products so much they ordered again after only a few short days of receiving their products. It is such an unexplainable feeling that people I never met can want the best for me and enjoy the things I create. 

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  • Amy Yarlett

    Bianca you are such an inspiration to so many young and old! I could have never done what you are doing in high school! You are such a strong business owner! Keep the wonderful attitude and perspective you have, because you are doing great things! It’s been great seeing your business grow and be successful. I love sharing your products with others. Some day I will see you on Shark Tank. :)

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