2021 Recap!

Hey Bsquad! What a crazy year it has been. Let’s take a quick recap! 

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to SimplyB’s success over the past year. This first full year of business has been more successful than I could ask and I owe it all to the Bsquad! You all have been such a blessing and I want to just say thank you so much. But without further ado, let’s get into some analytics!!!!! 

SimplyB received nearly 400 order last year ALONE from the start of January to now! 

We currently have 565 Bsquad members on Instagram and 5,660 Bsquad members on TikTok. 

We have a total of 59k likes across our TikTok videos. With our highest viewed video being 216.6k views and 47.9k likes. We have reached a total of 31 states! Only 19 more to go! 

Our most popular products have included our: 

“Rosey Lips” Gloss 

“Strawberry Sherbert” Gloss 

“Golden Girl” Body Butter 

“Coffee & Brown Sugar” Foaming Scrub 

“Honey Turmeric” Soap 

What do you think? Are these some of your favorites? 

According to Shopify, SimplyB is in the top 17% of business that launched the same week as us. How amazing is that? 

Now, as some of you may know, I am 16 years old and a full time high school student. Along with SimplyB exceeding goals and expectations, I like to think I did as well. In this past year I received a 4.0 gpa and was actively involved in multiple clubs. I was voted to be Treasurer of my school in our student council election. I received an award of “Most Improved” during the track season and beat my personal record in hurdles over 4 times along with being an honorable mention volleyball player in my county’s newspaper. I was invited and inducted into the W.E.B Honor Society along with the National Honor Society. I am the editor in chief of my schools newspaper along with being a member of my schools community service club. In the past two months, a friend and I started a BSU, aka: Black Student Union, that promotes unity and collaboration.   

This year has truly been a roller coaster and a success and I’m so excited to see what 2022 brings! I’m so thankful for all the trials and tribulations I have been through this year to get me to this point. Thank you BSquad and Happy New Year! 


  • Lyn

    (private comment) Congratulations on being an outstanding student & great young entrepreneur! I’m trying to purchase the Honey Turmeric soap & Lemon Cedarwood body butter, using a Visa card. Is that possible? Thx!

  • Carol K.

    Bianca….You are amazing! In wanted to ask if I could email you about an upcoming women’s event that would be a great place to donate some of your samples for exposure – Phila. area (NBC 10 sponsored)…can you write me an email if you are interested? Thank you. Carol

  • Sharonda Lacour

    I have a question, do you make any products for sensitive skin?

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